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2015 State of the Township Address

Happy New Year to everyone.  Buena Vista Township held its Annual Reorganization Meeting on Monday, January 5, 2015 at which time newly elected Committeemen John Armato was sworn into office.     I believe John will add some new dimension and ideas for the future of Buena Vista.  John has taken on projects like the Memorial Stone Dedication back in November to taking charge of our new Veterans Advisory Board, and even worked along with Committeeman Steve Martinelli to bring back a car show to the Township’s Independence Day Festival in July.  I also look forward to working with the entire Township Committee Team in the coming year.  Each member brings different ideas and perspectives to the table.

In 2014, Buena Vista Township took on many new projects, completed many unfinished projects and refocused our game plan.  We also made improvements to the Dr. Martin Luther King Community Center, Wilder Hines Park, Michael Debbi Park, and on the roads in the Lake Ann section of the Township.  The rebuilding of Weymouth Road now has two phases completed with State aid and we will continue with a third phase in the New Year when the weather breaks.  Staffing changes at Township Hall and the King Community Center have made a significant productive difference for our future.  Several new businesses opened in the Richland Village area of the Township in 2014 and several more are planned for 2015.  A new health complex is planned for the Buena section of the Township during this year.  A number of other projects are scheduled to come before our Planning Board soon which will ultimately help our taxpayers.

Our biggest effort for 2015 will lie with a bond issue of 1.5 million dollars that was approved by the Township Committee last year.  This bond will help our Community on many fronts.  Road improvement projects are planned throughout Buena Vista, three large drainage basins will be built due to Pinelands regulations, new public works equipment will be added, plus additional improvements are planned at Township Hall and the MLK Center.  In 2014, Public Works added a new Ford F550 small dump truck that also handles a roll-off trash container, plus it will plow and salt our roads.

Under a Community Development Block Grant through Atlantic County an emergency generator will be installed in 2015 at the MLK Center.  It will provide safety and shelter during severe storms and heat waves.  This project will complement the new A-frame roof that was added to the MLK Center last summer.  New tennis courts at Wilder Hines Park will open this spring when the final surface coating is applied.  New playground equipment was added at the Michael Debbi Park and Wilder Hines Park in 2014.  The Township is still awaiting word on a low-interest Green Acres loan to make lighting improvements on the ball fields at Michael Debbi Park.  We are also searching for any possible grants that will help improve our community and save our taxpayers money.

In Atlantic County, we are living with a lot of change specifically in the casino industry and its impact on jobs in general.  Buena Vista Township will be doing its best to shield our taxpayers from any major consequences that these changes may have on our Community and the entire County.  Some of the legislation that we have seen being proposed may hurt our taxpayers on the County portion of your tax bill.  Additional aid that had been requested by our school district has been denied by the State courts and it will likely affect our taxpayers.  On the Township level, as we begin the budget process, we will be keeping within the 2% budget cap yet facing Pinelands challenges, and other limitations on our resources.  We do not have a crystal ball, but I sure hope that gas prices keep falling and some of the lost jobs will return to Atlantic City, and times will be better for those in need.

We are blessed in Buena Vista with two local branches of the Community Food Bank, plus many churches, volunteers and good citizens that help make Buena Vista function even in tough times.  A special “Thank You” to all our volunteer fire and rescue personnel and to all those who serve Buena Vista Township in our schools, with our sports teams and in our Community in some way.

by Mayor Chuck Chiarello