Snow & Ice Control

The Township policy on snow and ice control is to keep all emergency routes opened curb to curb, salted and all other roadways passable as well as intersections in order to make Township roadways safe for the traveling public with available resources.

The Township provides snow and ice control for all of the several miles of Township roadways.

The Township has a list of emergency and priority roads that are maintained initially during an emergency.


  • Please remove all vehicles as well as any other obstructions from the roadways since this hampers the snow plowing effort.  Parking in the street prohibits the trucks from plowing the roadways.
  • Have all basketball courts moved out of the right-of-way.
  • Do not stop drivers during plowing operations for the safety of the public and drivers.  If you need to report a complaint or request, please call the Public Works Department.
  • When clearing your driveway and/or sidewalks please do not put the snow in the roadway.


Snow Emergency Routes

All roadways are to be plowed curb-to-curb and salted first and continually monitored for snow and ice.  Snow emergency routes shall be completed in all areas prior to the start of all other routes.  These routes shall remain open at all times.  Tandem plowing will be performed on all snow emergency routes.   If all the snow emergency routes in a section are completed, the Command Center will direct personnel to assist the nearest section with their snow emergency routes.

All Other Routes

All Roadways are to be plowed curb to curb unless:

  • Snow is greater than 6” then two passes along each roadway until that section is completed so that emergency vehicles can access residential homes.  After the section is completed with the two passes then proceed to open all roads curb to curb.
  • After completing curb to curb plowing, all intersection in the sections are to be sanded/salted approximately 200’ from center of intersection.
  • Personnel will be rotated in order to keep them fresh and alert whenever extended periods of snow and ice control is warranted.