colings lake

Fire District #5 – Collings Lakes Volunteer Fire Department Station 23

600 Cains Mill Road
Collings Lakes, NJ 08094
(609) 561-9614
Fax: (609)561-0992

CLVFD Station 23 Website

Bill Storck was the first Chief of the Dept. with Frank Rubbick acting as Asst. Chief and the first fire that the newly created Collings Lakes Vol. Fire Co. No. 1 responded to was Bill Storck’s own car, in which they drafted water from the creek next to the building to extinguish the fire. Bill Storck started his volunteer fire career at age 17 with the Ashland Fire Co. No. 1, now known as the Vorhees Fire Dept. Chief Storck had alot of equipment donated to the Collings Lakes Fire Dept. from the Ashland Fire Dept. Bill’s wife started the first Collings Lakes Vol. Fire Dept. Ladies Auxiliary, and other members’ wives joined in as well, working hard to help their brave Firemen. In fact one way some of the Ladies helped was acting as dispatchers. People in the town were given phone numbers to call and a total of three homes spread out in Collings Lakes were able to activate the siren atop the peak of the Firehouse, and had a list of phone numbers in which they would call Firemen and let them know of a fire, one of which was Asst. Chief Frank Rubbick’s wife, Helen. At that time couldn’t afford pagers or radios, until a few years later, the Dept. purchased it’s first radio for Engine 23-1 and Elizabeth Bowers had the dispatch radio and was the acting dispatcher for the Collings Lakes Fire Dept. And the rest was ….. History!

Chief: Bill Donnelly
Deputy Chief: Ed Jones
Captain: Bill Collins
Lieutenant: Randy Knapp
Lieutenant: Rich Pratts (EMT)
Lieutenant: Frank Russo

Ed Metzler
Randy Knapp
William A. Collins
Dave Woodward
John Moriarity

Ken Metzler
Frank Russo
Chris Sepsey
Larry Garrity
Sabrina Gilbert (EMT)
Jeff Choen (EMT)
Dominick Colavita (EMT)
Cindy Moriarity (EMT)
Denise Hendrickson (EMT)
Jim Hendrickson
Dave Woodward
Lynn Birch (EMT)
Patty Cohen (EMT)
Robert Birch
Belinda Sepsey
Barbara Smitheman (EMT)
Ryan Freeman (EMT)
Keith Dorris (EMT)
John Margerum
John Moriarity (Photographer)
Bill Sherman
Dan Estrada (EMT)
George Eccleston
Joe Shuhart
Bob Read
Carmen Santiago (EMT)
Mike VanVelson
Jeremy Filomena

Tanker 23-1
Heavy Rescue 23
Engine 23-2
Engine 23-4
Brush 23-3
Chief’s car 2310