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Five volunteer fire companies service the Township: Collings Lakes, East VinelandMilmay, Newtonville and Richland. Each fire district has commissioners that are elected by residents within their boundaries. Tax dollars and donations are used to operate the fire companies. Four volunteer rescue squads service the Township but do not receive direct taxpayer dollars, only contributions from the Township, Fire Districts and the public. The Collings Lakes Fire Rescue and the BVT EMS are based in our Township.

The BVT EMS is a joint effort of the Richland and East Vineland Fire Companies and started operations in 2000. Collings Lakes Fire Rescue now operates the former Collings Lakes Ambulance Association. The Milmay area is served by the Dorothy Rescue Squad. Mutual aid is also provided to the Township by the Minotola Rescue Squad based in Buena Borough.


Top L-R (Collings Lakes, East Vineland and Milmay) Bottom L-R (Newtonville and Richland)