Township Reduces Weymouth-Malaga Road Speed Limit

A new speed limit is now in effect on a portion of Weymouth-Malaga Road. From Route 54 east to the border of Hamilton Township the new speed is 35 mph. After many complaints from residents regarding speeding on Weymouth-Malaga Road, the Township performed a speed study to determine if a reduction in the speed limit was warranted. The Township Committee agreed with the recommendation of the Township Engineer that Weymouth-Malaga Road met the criteria for a reduction in speed limit from 45mph to 35mph as well as a no passing zone.

The Township understands the decrease in speed is an adjustment not only for the residents of Buena Vista in that area but also for transit vehicles that utilize Weymouth-Malaga Road as a pass through from town to town. With the newly paved sections of the road vehicles were traveling at a speed above the originally posted 45mph zone. There is an analysis that is required to be performed under the traffic laws and as Weymouth-Malaga Road is predominately residential, the change was warranted. New Jersey State Police will continue to monitor that area for speed violators.