Public Works Drop-Off Center; Certain Vehicles Parking Restriction; Trapping Feral Cats

Drop-Off Convenience Center at Public Works Yard

The Convenience Center is open to all Township residents on the 1st Saturday of each month at the Public Works Yard located at 430 Union Road between 8 am & 12 noon (some holidays may cause dates to change). Items Accepted at No Charge are: appliances, metals, motor oil, brush/leaves in biodegradable Kraft-type bags, recyclables, e-waste (computers and televisions), auto/light truck tires (rims must be removed) limit up to 4, truck/farm equipment tires (rims must be removed) limit up to 2 per month.  The Township reserves the right to limit quantities and to refuse unacceptable items and you must be able to unload yourself.  For questions, please contact the Public Works Department at (856) 692-4121.

Parking of Certain Vehicles in Residential Districts Restricted

Per Ordinance No. 43-2017, no commercial vehicles, meeting certain characteristics, shall be parked on the roadway(s) in a residential zone at any time.  Certain vehicles are exempt such as fire trucks, school buses (with certain criteria), van(s) and pick-up truck(s). For questions, please contact the Township Clerks Office at (856) 697-2100 ext. 11.

Trapping of Feral Cats

Do you have overwhelming number of feral cats hanging around your property or neighborhood? Shore Animal Control is here to help. As the Township’s contracted Animal Control, they will trap feral cats and work with agencies that participate in spaying and neutering the cats for release. To set up trapping, please contact Shore Animal Control at 1-800-351-1822.

Written by: Lisa A. Tilton, Township Clerk