Buena Vista Offers Personalized Brick Pavers With Tree Carving Project

tree-carving-drawingIn 2017, Buena Vista Township will be celebrating its 150th Anniversary.  We are reaching out to businesses and residents in our community in hopes that you will help us achieve a very special “one-time only” request for funds that is outlined in the paragraph below.

In the Richland Village section of our town, we have a giant white oak tree that reached the age of 235 years old.  It died last year.  It was a beautiful tree.  We are making an effort to fund raise to make a carving out of the tree trunk and lower limbs featuring highlights of our Township’s 150 years in existence.  The tree is huge and we need the funds to hire a well-known chainsaw carver to make a permanent memorial out of this historic old tree located in the center of Saw Mill Park on Route 40.  It will be lighted and capture the spirit of the fine tree this once was.  It will feature a semi-circle of young white oak trees that will grow in the future behind the huge carved tree.  There will be new walkways and fencing required also.

Sample Pavers

Sample Pavers

Donors for this special project can make a donation or purchase Brick Pavers.  Preserve your name or that of a loved one well into the next millennium with a personalized Brick Paver.  Order forms can be found on our website www.buenavistanj.com or pick one up at the Township Hall.   All funds raised will go directly to this project.  We would truly appreciate any help you would consider.  For further information, contact Kristie in the Mayor’s office at 856-697-2100, then press 8.

The photos below show the work performed by local Tree Surgeon Gary Heitz of Richland who trimmed the tree back removing all the dead branches and giving it shape to be used as a monument in time for the 150th Anniversary of the Township.  The pictures show the tree trimming project which will be followed by chain saw carving in late November.

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